A monthly subscription service that delivers the pre-measured plant-based ingredients needed to create delicious home baked treats.

How it works

Each month we will send you a kit that includes the ingredients that you need to bake two amazing recipes.

All you need at home is coconut oil**, water, and a few basic baking tools.

Just click subscribe, choose a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription period, and get ready to bake!

Save Time

Less prep means that there is more time for the best parts of baking!

You don't have to keep your pantry stocked or spend time searching the grocery store for uncommon ingredients.

We source the high quality ingredients and deliver the perfect amounts right to you.

Keep It Simple

Our simple, detailed instructions are great for experienced bakers and complete novices alike.

The only ingredients that you need to provide are coconut oil** and water!

Discover Something New

Whether you are new to baking, new to eating a vegan, egg-free, or dairy-free diet, or you just want to try some new recipes, everyone can experience something new.


The coconut oil required for these recipes is standard coconut oil. Coconut oils that are marketed as "always liquid" WILL NOT work in these recipes. If you are unsure about the coconut oil that you have, place it in your refrigerator. If it solidifies, you have the right stuff!